10 Things to learn from Google Trips for building a brand new travel app

For those who love to travel a lot around might surely be aware of the apps like WorldMate, TripIt, etc. But, recently Google brought about tremendous updates with its app Google Trips allowing people to give a serious thought about this wonderful app.

This is the case with both Android and iOS apps. The app is so wonderful that it pulls away all the travel information meant for the trips that are upcoming so that the app helps to extract information regarding fun things to be done when going to a certain destination.

So, if you haven’t had any experience with this app before, it is time to use this app which in turn allows users to track their full travel schedule. The information on which the app relies is within Gmail, leading to reservation of transfers, hotels, and flights.

So, what’s lying with the new update? Well, it is the utility factor that has been increases permitting users to fully track a public transport with the likes of train or bus for email confirmation. The ‘+’ sign lying within the app, allows for manual changes within the schedules of reservations or rentals. In addition, free form notes are another important addition in the Trips version.

However, the most important update among all is users sharing itinerary with others via email option. After taking this update into account, what things you need to learn when planning for a travel app of your own?

To start with, Google Trips is an extremely easy and simple to use app, acting as a wonderfully portable travel assistant pretty much doing everything, right from planning a day to storing reservations, working offline, and sporting an interface that is absolutely impressive. Let us look at other reasons why Google Trips is a wonderful travel app, and what to learn from the same.

a. Offline Feature For Maps

You might have been using Google Maps for a while now. So, how about using maps offline? That is what Google Trips is offering i.e. Offline Maps. Not only you can have maps downloaded within the map, but also use them without international roaming. Hence, internet connectivity is something that is not required even if on roaming.

b. Reservations Bundled Within A Single App

The app needs you to sign through Gmail Id. As soon as it is done, the app pulls all the travel details such as hotels, flights, and so much more. With latest version in place, reservations can be added manually, and choose appropriate action with plus sign in bottom right corner.

c. Planning The Trip Is Way Easier

All you have to do is store destinations within the app, and search for them whenever on a trip. You can access them even offline without any accessible to Internet.

d. Every Day There Is An Auto Schedule

The app features a day wise schedule for specific cities with itineraries related to museums, pubs, markets, and attractions. With real time weather conditions, you can have a clear idea of where to go and what things to cover.

e. Getting Conveyance Is Easier

The app makes it highly easy for booking conveyance from one place to another. Whether it is moving to-fro between hotel and airport, or visiting any sightseeing place that is not really in the itinerary, you can have everything booked with ease.

You can even have contact numbers available to you for renting a car, or estimate car cost between two places. It will be surprising to see how much information is present within the app.

f. Minute Details Within A Small App

Such a lightweight app has so much information with the likes of a range of currencies, emergency numbers, doctors and clinics, and so much more.

g. Presence Just About Everywhere

The app does it all. All the past and future vacation plans can be bundled resulting in old as well as new vacations staying at one place.

h. Explore Detailed Information On Places

Get places suggestions that are located nearby. Hence, this can result in nearest places suggestions that are not even known and even periodic reminders are sent regarding the schedule as well as the places.

i. Reservations Tracking As Well As Sharing

Periodic confirmations or emails are sent as per the reservations made. The app collates all the information, while sending reminders on a regular basis. Users can even share this information with others.

j. Manual Updates To Itinerary

The information is organized in a proper manner through the Gmail account, allowing users to make manual updates to the itinerary.

j. Manual Updates To Itinerary

The information is organized in a proper manner through the Gmail account, allowing users to make manual updates to the itinerary.

Concluding Thoughts

Google Trips have so many things to teach for aspiring travel apps. We discussed almost all the points related to a tourism app with the likes of trip planning gets relatively easier, maps are available to use even offline, so many reservations for different things within a single app, planning things become a cakewalk, auto-schedule for every single day of itinerary, conveyance of booking things on the spot, minute emergency details embedded within an app, historical view of all possible vacations, detailed information on places, reservations sharing as well as tracking, manual itinerary updates, and so on.

Novotrips have been instrumental in following the footsteps of Google Trips, TripIt, and so forth, for building a travel app encompassing all the above features, with a distinction of offering features even in the offline mode. Just like Google Trips or TripIt, Novotrips have tried to built an app that can revolutionize the travel and tourism industry, in order to help people organize their travel plans with ease, whether be travel documents, itineraries, and so much more.

Additionally, you can also plan out things within the app such as planning for vacations through a day wise planning of destinations as well as booking flights, hotels, etc. by means of the app. With inbuilt notifications present within the app, every single update is available to both tour companies and travelers for giving updates as well as statuses regarding the tour progress instantly.